We offer the following products
  • Group Solidality Loans
  • Indiviadual Loans to entrepreneurs and other people
  • Special Loans to  Employees of Private Companies,  Parastatals organisation
  • Salarised Loans to Government Employees
  • Insurance Services


This type of loan is given to a group of entrepreneurs of five or more people. loans are repaid weekly. The duration for a loan is 16 weeks for the first cirle and 24 weeks for subsequent circles. The interest rates will vary depending on the repayment period


  • Each member must have a reliable source of income or business
  • Members must form a Small Group (SG) of five people. Two or more SGs join together to form a Center
  • Members of Small Group must be familiar to one another either by living in a neighbourhood or do business together
  • Each Center must have a chairperon, secretary and a treasurer
  • The chairperson and secretary will recommend other members in a Center for a loan
  • Two members in each small group must have permanent residence
Indiviadual Loans to Entrepreneurs
This type of loan is offered to entrepreneurs and other individuals who are in need of immediate cash to smooth consumption, to pay for school/college fees, to pay for house rent, to imrpove business, to buy a plot or house and etc.
Loans are repaid monthly. Repayment period is 4 months, six months and 12 months.
Interest rate will vary according to repayment period
Loans are insured against the risk of dealth or permanent disability of borrower
  • Must have a reliable source of income or business
  • Two guarantor who will guarantee for a loan and one of them must have permanent residence
  • Collateral is a must for large loan from TZS. 1.0m
  • For entrepreneurs must have operated a business for more than six months

Special Loans to  Employees of Private Companies,  Parastatals organisation

This type of loan is offered to employees of private companies and parastatal organisation. Loans are repaid monthly. Repayment period is up to 3 years


  • The employer must be willing to deduct loan installment of the employee
  • Letter of introduction from employer
  • Latest salary slip
  • Bank statement of 3 monthts from the bank where the salary is channed
  • 2 passport size photograph

Salarised Loans to Government Employees

This type of loan is offered to confirmed government employees. Loans are repaid monthly by deducting  at source the employee's salary

  • Must be a confirmed government employee
  • Must bring an introduction letter from the employer
  • Must fill out loan application available at our office or downloaded from our website . The dull filled form must be endorsed by the employer or human resource officer
  • Must bring two passport size photograph
  • Must bring a copy of employment identity card
  • Must bring a copy of recent salary slip
  • Must bring a three months bank statement from the  banker where the salary is channeled


  • The minimum amount is three hundred thousand shillings only (Tzs. 300,000/=)
  • The maximum amount is ten million shillings only (TZS. 10,000,000/=)


No collateral is required

Loans shall be repaid monthly through deduction from employee salary. Our deduction code is 560 Bogach Finance Loan.

Insurance Services Though it s agent BDF INSURANCE AGENT, the company offers credit life assurance product, Motor vehicle insurance and other property insurance. The credit life assurance provide protection against the risk of death or permanent disability of borrowers.